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Liposomal hyaluronic acid ampoules with a reducing effect, remodels the body contour and prevents the formation of fatty deposits on the skin.
Its innovative formula brings together in just one ampoule, 50% more concentration of liposomal hyaluronic acid and the best active ingredients of biotechnological origin. Clinically proven efficacy.

Liposomas Cellu.lite 10 amp.x 5 ml.

SKU: 00LA003
  • Liposomed hyaluronic acid, LIPOREDUCTYL

    • Reduces the volume of areas with fat accumulation such as arms, belly, thighs and buttocks.
    • Reactivates the microcirculation, avoiding the retention of liquids.
    • Prevents the formation of fatty nodules that cause cellulite.
    • Moisturizes and tones the skin.